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We’re market leaders in professional technical website translation and localisation between all business languages of the world.

Whatever your industry or sector, bring your products and services to ever-growing international digital audiences.

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Website translation services — crucial for digital success

There’s no doubting the ever-increasing importance of a user-friendly web presence. A multilingual website is a powerful, necessary investment for any business or organisation looking to export or operate internationally.

A localised website instils trust in your brand. It’s also a powerful sales tool for your products or services — overseas consumers are much more likely to convert in their own language.

Well-executed website translations are also excellent digital marketing investments, enabling your website to appear in foreign language search engine results.

Whether for marketing, technical purposes, B2B, B2C or something else, we have a proven track record in providing web-ready translations of the highest quality for a range of professional sectors and industries.

Our experienced, native professional linguists cover many specialisms, delivering website translations that read as authentically as the original texts.

Our dedicated team of experienced project managers will ensure that, regardless of file type or project size, your translations are with you on time and on budget.

How we provide world-class website translation

Choosing the right website translation company is essential. The tone and content of your translated website material needs to accurately and appropriately represent your brand. 

Our full-service, human website translation service is powered by native speakers, industry expertise and robust technology, saving you hassle, time and money. 

We’re proud to offer enterprise-level support and the highest levels of security and confidentiality. 

  • Native linguists: We will always assign your project to a mother tongue speaker of the language being targeted — it’s our golden rule. This helps to satisfy all cultural nuances and guarantees perfect localisation, enabling your brand to enter the marketplace seamlessly and authentically.
  • Subject matter specialists: The appropriate, accurate use of specialist terminology, jargon and phrasing is essential for confidence in your brand and comprehension of content. The linguist assigned to your project will have first-hand experience of the sector, industry and even sub-sector that your translations relate to. 
  • Fully qualified, fully certified: Translation is a profession, of course. All of our translators are proven, skilled, highly-trained and highly-educated linguists. 
  • Sensible use of software: We make use of leading-edge translation technology. Where appropriate, this software can help to automate a number of the steps involved with the translation of a web globalisation project, ensuring 100% consistency whilst streamlining cost and time.

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At Alexika, your website localisation project is in safe, experienced and talented hands.

Fully certified and with over 22 years’ experience translating all manner of documentation between the major languages of the world, we’re a website translation agency that knows what it takes to achieve the perfect result first time, every time.

Our friendly, in-house team would be delighted to hear about your needs and requirements. Contact us for a speedy quote or reach us over the phone on 0800 917 9589 (+44 1943 839 227 outside of the UK).