Post-Edited Machine Translation

Post editing of neural machine translations, performed by qualified, professional and native expert linguists.

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At Alexika, we offer post-edited machine translation, also known as post-editing machine translation, PEMT and MTPE.

We’re able to blend the best neural machine translation technology with the skills of talented professional translators — human and machine, working in synergy.

For certain projects — for example, when you need to translate a large number of words in a short space of time, and where there is not a requirement for a ‘polished’ translation — post-editing machine translation can be an appropriate, cost-effective solution.

We use the very best in market-leading neural machine translation technology, which is then edited by a professional, native linguist working into their mother tongue. The translator will have specialist knowledge of your domain, ensuring industry-appropriate use of terminology, phraseology and syntax.

Some industries where post-editing of machine translations may be useful can include intellectual property, engineering, financial, technical, business and patent. This is subject to assessment of the source file to determine whether it would be a suitable candidate document for machine translation.

Rest assured that all your data is completely confidential and secure during the machine translation process, with strict compliance with GDPR.

For some translation projects where time is very short and the content is not business-critical, you might consider our separate low-cost option: neural machine translation only, without human input.

Alexika: for neural machine translation post editing

Our in-house project management team would be delighted to advise on whether your project is appropriate for post-edited machine translation.

To discuss your requirements, get in touch today or reach us over the phone on 01943 839227 (+44 1943 839 227 outside of the UK).