Multilingual Voiceover Services

Demand for our high-quality translation of video scripts and multilingual subtitling has sharply increased. This is no surprise: high-quality translation of video scripts and multilingual subtitling present an incredible opportunity to cater to new markets. Alexika is here to assist you in making the most of this.

For video subtitling in particular, poor-quality translation can cause all sorts of potential problems - distorting, misrepresenting or completely losing the intended feel and style. Luckily, Alexika’s fully-qualified, expert project managers and translators are here to help.

Alexika’s project managers have specific training in translating subtitles; our translators cover a host of language combinations and subject specialisms. We have the wealth of experience in video translation required to capture the intended, appropriate feel for any type of footage - tone, style, spirit and humour.

We are flexible, and our translations are fully-compatible: our team can produce time-coded files for you to create your own subtitles, or we can integrate the subtitles and author your DVD. We cater for all formats and sources. As you may know, we are insistent on our translators working only into their mother tongue; this is how we are able to offer authentic and accurate rendering.

Get in touch to discuss your multilingual subtitling requirements today.