Mobile App Translation & Localisation Services

Evidence demonstrates that localising your mobile applications vastly improves their performance. A recent Distamo study showed a 128% increase in downloads for localised text, as well as 26% more revenue for each country added. This was all within one week of another country or language being added.

App translation and localisation can often be a headache: one ambiguous phrase or word can confuse users, rendering your menus and interfaces incomprehensible and confusing. Luckily, Alexika’s high-quality translation services and powerful technology will make quick, affordable work of your localisation needs. Bringing your mobile apps to a global audience need not be expensive or difficult.

Our fully-qualified, certified translators can guarantee accuracy and authenticity when localising your apps. Because they only work into their mother tongue, our translators are able to master terminology, context and tone, ensuring your app is usable, clear and consistent. With Alexika’s experience, you can boost your downloads by taking your brand to an international audience with unambiguous, proven and trusted rendering.

Our team would be delighted to hear from you - so get in touch today to discuss your mobile app translation requirements.