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  • Number of Swedish native speakers globally: 8.7 million
  • Number of countries where Swedish is an official language: 2

With almost 9 million speakers across Sweden and parts of Finland, Swedish is the largest of the North Germanic languages in terms of numbers of speakers, and forms part of a language group that is often referred to as the Nordic languages. A descendant of Old Norse, Swedish belongs to the East Scandinavian class of languages along with Danish. Modern Swedish is considered to have started with a Swedish translation of the New Testament published in 1526. The contemporary Swedish of today can be divided into six main dialectal groups, with the Svea dialect spoken in Stockholm being the one that is most commonly used. The Swedish Language Council (or should we say Språkrådet) regulates the language by issuing spelling and grammatical recommendations and also publishes an annual list of new words.

Together with Danish and Norwegian, Swedish forms part of the trio of main Scandinavian languages. Whilst the three are similar, only highly skilled speakers of any of these three languages can understand each other.

We offer professional Swedish to English and English to Swedish translations, as well as other language combinations including Swedish, in a variety of subject areas.

A tip to bear in mind is to allow flexibility in the layout of your documents. When translating from Swedish into English, the text will typically expand by about 10% depending on the subject matter. In the other direction (English to Swedish), expect to see a contraction rate of 10%.

We work to the following ‘golden rules’:

  • All translators work into their mother tongue
  • All translators are qualified and experienced professional linguists
  • We ensure that the translator has sufficient understanding of the subject matter
  • We use the latest translation technology sensibly to provide an accurate and prompt service

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