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We provide professional translations between Greek and all of the world’s major languages.

  • Number of Greek native speakers globally: 13.4 million
  • Greek is the official language of Greece and Cyprus, as well as one of the EU’s 24 official languages.
  • Greece is frequently ranked as one of the most visited European countries, attracting around 30 million visitors each year.
  • Greece has the longest documented history of any living Indo-European language, spanning 34 centuries of written records.

The Greek language is the official language of Greece, a developed economy within the EU highly regarded for its shipping, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture and minerals sectors. Greek is also an official language in Cyprus, noted for its tourism, food and beverage processing, textiles and other industrial sectors.

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Expert, Professional Greek Translation: More about the Language

The emergence of what we call ‘Standard Modern Greek’ is usually traced back to the fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453 — seen as the end of the Medieval Greek period.

Modern Greek has been refined over the centuries, shedding many of its predecessor’s grammatical rules, with the most recent changes coming in the 1980s with the official adoption of the monotonic Greek script in 1982. This means that there are now only two diacritic marks (or accents) used in Standard Modern Greek. Based in Thessaloniki, The Centre for the Greek Language (Κέντρο Ελληνικής Γλώσσας) is a cultural and educational institution aimed at promoting, supporting and advising on the Greek language.

Because of Ancient Greece’s role as the cradle of civilisation in Europe, Greek words have had a profound influence on the evolution of almost all European languages, particularly in scientific and technical spheres.

Even English has adopted Greek words directly and through pilfering from other languages such as Latin and Arabic. Photograph, strategy, electricity and any ‘-logy’ are all ‘Greek’ words that English has adopted. Most English words that start with ‘ph’ (think philosophy, physics, photograph, pharmaceutical) derive from Greek. Indeed, the word ‘alphabet’ is formed of ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’, the first two letters of the Greek alphabet.

The Greek alphabet itself has 24 letters and is written from left to right. When translating from English into Greek, it is worth thinking about the layout of your document or webpage — the Greek text will take up around 10% more room than the English. Also, don’t be puzzled when you don’t see question marks in a Greek text: an English semicolon is a Greek question mark and a full-stop above the line is a Greek semicolon (literally, half a colon).

Also, consider which part of the Greek-speaking world your audience is in. The Greek spoken in Cyprus, for example (a dialect usually known as Cypriot Greek), has some differences to Standard Greek. An experienced language service provider (LSP) will be able to advise and assist here.

Alexika offers professional Greek-to-English and English-to-Greek translations, as well as other language combinations involving Greek.

How We Achieve Perfect Greek Translations

In order to guarantee the best possible translation, all of our Greek translators are proven, experienced linguists working into their own language. They’ll have a strong command of the subject matter they’re working on.

  • Native speakers: The translator working on your Greek translation project will be a native speaker of the language they’re translating into. This helps us to ensure all translated material reads 100% authentically — it’s our ‘golden rule’ for all translations at Alexika.
  • Qualified, skilled & professional: Our Greek translators are all skilled & experienced linguists with proven track records.
  • Subject matter experts: The translator working on your project will have a strong grasp of the terminology and vocabulary of your industry or sector.
  • Technology: By making appropriate use of the latest translation software, we’re able to offer a highly efficient, consistent and prompt service.

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