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  • Number of French native speakers globally: 220 million
  • Number of countries where French is an official language: 29
  • Approx. percentage of world trade conducted in French: 6.5%

French is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, a legacy of France’s position as Europe’s leading power during the 17th to the 19th centuries. French is spoken in France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg, as well as numerous countries in Africa and the Middle East. It is a Romance language, descended from Old Latin, with Celtic and Germanic influences, and the earliest known example of written French dates back to 842. The standard for modern French is based on the dialect of Paris, called Francien, which has been the official standard language since the mid-16th century.The Académie française acts as an official authority on the French language. Its 40 members ( lesimmortels) define standards for vocabulary, grammar and ’le bon usage’, and they are also responsible for publishing a dictionary and sanctioning new words. With English becoming the world’s lingua franca, there is plenty to keep the Academie busy.

We offer professional French to English and English to French translations - and other language combinations including French.

A tip to bear in mind is to allow flexibility in the layout of your documents. French to English translations typically contract by about 10-15% depending on the subject matter. English to French translation typically expands by about 15-20%. The target market, or country where the translation will be used, should also be considered carefully. The French spoken in France, for example, differs to that spoken in Canada.

We work to the following ‘golden rules’:

  • All translators work into their mother tongue
  • All translators are qualified and experienced professional linguists
  • We ensure that the translator has sufficient understanding of the subject matter
  • We use the latest translation technology sensibly to provide an accurate and prompt service

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