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At Alexika, we offer prompt, professional, high-quality translation services between Flemish and all of the world’s major languages.

Flemish is considered to be a variant of Dutch which is native to the Flanders region of Belgium. Flemish native speakers number over 6.5 million globally.

A unique, highly-connected business hub at the heart of Europe, the Flemish region is known for its economic leadership in many fields including automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, IT and more.

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Expert, Professional Flemish Translation: More about the Language

Dutch is considered to be the majority language of Belgium, with almost 60% of the population of Belgium being native speakers. There are several Dutch dialects spoken in Belgium, with pronunciation, grammatical and lexical differences separating them from the standard Dutch.

These Dutch speakers mostly live in the Flemish region — often referred to as Flanders — creating the Dutch variant commonly referred to as ‘Flemish’ (Vlaams). Flemish-speaking provinces in Belgium include Antwerpen, Vlaams-Brabant, West Vlaanderen, Oost Vlaanderen, Limburg, and the bilingual portion of Brussels (10–20% of the city’s population). Within that umbrella of ‘Flemish’ there are four main dialects: West Flemish, East Flemish, Brabantian and Limburgish.

Should Flemish be regarded as a separate language or as a variant of Dutch? It is not our

place to be controversial; you will find native speakers and schools of thought in The Netherlands and Belgium on both sides of the debate. Perhaps the fact that Flemish films are subtitled on Dutch television is a significant point!

When choosing whether to translate your material into either Dutch or Flemish, consider… 

  • Where the intended audience for your text is. Belgium or the Netherlands?
  • That Flemish is one of the three national languages of Belgium, alongside French and German — but it is the only official language of the Flemish Region.
  • That the residents of Flanders are proud of their Flemish language; it is actively used and is not generally seen as interchangeable with Dutch.

How We Achieve Perfect Flemish Translations

As a language service provider (LSP) with over 22 years’ experience in providing specialist translations, we know what it takes to achieve the perfect result. 

  • Mother tongue translators: By using native speakers, we ensure that all translated material reads as if it had actually been originally created in the target language. This is our ‘golden rule’ for all translations.
  • Qualified & professional: Our Flemish translators are all skilled & experienced linguists.
  • Subject matter expertise: With technical translations, accuracy and authenticity are often key. The translator working on your project will have a strong grasp of your industry’s terminology and vocabulary.
  • Technology: By making sensible use of the latest software to assist our translators in their work, we’re able to offer an efficient, consistent and prompt service.

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