Telephone Interpreting

At Alexika, we offer a professional telephone language interpreting service that makes language interpreting quick, easy and affordable.

Telephone interpreting is ideal for small meetings, and you just require a speaker-phone. There are no interpreter travel expenses to pay and no minimum interpreting time; you pay for the minutes used - making it perfect for when you need an interpreter for short periods of time.

Telephone interpreting is not a replacement for face-to-face interpreting – after all, facial expressions and body language are sacrificed by using the phone, and these can be essential elements of communication. Face-to-face interpreting is the right option for critical business meetings and conferences, where you need to pick up all the elements of communication for a close working relationship. However, we recommend telephone interpreting for those smaller and shorter routine meetings and exchanges of information.

Most of the time, telephone interpreting between two people in the same location works with a standard phone with a loudspeaker – and, ideally, a quiet location with no background noise! If two people require interpreting over the phone, you will need your own conference call system – we can provide advice on working with well-known meeting and presentation platforms.

We offer telephone interpreting between English and all major languages, and also between English and community languages. It is better if you can give us a few days’ notice, and do please send over any reference material before the call so that the interpreter is briefed and ready to go.

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