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Highly-skilled, experienced simultaneous interpreters: ideal for larger, multinational meetings.

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If your business requirements extend to a larger meeting, Alexika’s simultaneous interpreting service is here to help all parties understand each other. 

What is simultaneous interpreting?

As the name suggests, simultaneous interpretation involves the interpreter relaying the meaning of a speaker in real time. This differs from consecutive interpretation, where interpreted messages are relayed after each sentence or passage.

Simultaneous interpreting is common at large, multinational meetings where proceedings are interpreted with a 2–3 second delay. Interpreters generally speak into a microphone in a sound-proofed booth and the delegates listen through headsets. Alternatively, at smaller events, a radio microphone and headsets can be used.

Simultaneous interpretation is a very highly-skilled, intense operation. The interpreter must interpret what is being said within the pace of the speaker in real time; there is no time to consult a dictionary or research unfamiliar expressions, for example. Simultaneous interpreting can be high pressure and exhausting work; generally two interpreters are required to spread the load.

Why choose Alexika for simultaneous interpreting?

Due to the demanding nature of simultaneous interpreting, impeccable linguistic skills across the languages being worked with are a prerequisite. Every single one of Alexika’s simultaneous interpreters is handpicked, highly skilled and fully trained.

After every assignment, the interpreter’s work is reviewed — meaning you can rest assured that our service and standards are world-leading.

Experienced, skilled and professional: our expert team of simultaneous interpreters are on hand to assist you with your business requirements. Get in touch with us today to receive a quote.