Ad-Hoc (Liaison) Interpreting Service

Professional, expert ad-hoc liaison interpreters: perfect for meetings and small groups.

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Alexika’s team of experienced, professional interpreters are here for all of your ad-hoc (liaison) interpreting needs.

What is ad-hoc interpreting, and when is it useful?

Also known as liaison interpreting, the interpreter listens to a section of speech, then either summarises or relays it verbatim in the listener’s language at frequent intervals. It is a more informal type of interpreting.

This type of interpreting is commonly requested for one-to-one meetings, or those amongst smaller groups. This can include interviews, conference calls, visits of delegations or other such working business meetings. The ad-hoc, liaison interpreter is the link between two parties who don’t speak the same language.

In more formal situations, consecutive interpreting is also commonly used. This is where interpreting takes place after each sentence or after a short speech is given.

Alexika’s ad-hoc interpreters

This type of interpreting can be very demanding, requiring a high level of concentration to maintain levels of quality and accuracy.

Rest assured, Alexika’s team of tried-and-tested interpreters are highly-trained, skilled and experienced. They are specialised in a wide range of fields including business, technical, financial, legal, pharmaceutical, engineering, IP, marketing, patent and more. 

Alexika’s ad-hoc interpreting service is available to and from all of the world’s major business languages.

Our liaison interpreting service: perfect for achieving seamless communication. Drop us a message today.