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World-class translation of technical documentation and texts, performed by native expert linguists.

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We have over 20 years’ experience in providing professional technical translations of the highest quality, delivered swiftly and efficiently.

Our native translators have deep experience across many technical domains, working to and from all of the world’s business languages.

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World-class technical documentation translation services

In a global marketplace characterised by continual advancement in technology, the translation of technical documentation is as important as ever.

With over two decades’ experience, technical teams trust Alexika to handle all of their translation needs — whether a tender, an instruction manual, a patent or something else.

From manufacturing to engineering and medical to pharmaceutical, technical translation naturally covers a wide range of industries and specialist domains. The needs of those seeking technical translation can include, but aren’t of course limited to:

  • Engineering and maintenance manuals
  • Licensing agreements
  • Material safety data sheets (MSDSs)
  • Product safety data
  • Owner manuals
  • Installation manuals
  • Hygiene and safety procedures
  • Quality assurance documents
  • Technical instruction manuals
  • Scientific articles and papers
  • Tenders
  • Reports
  • Textbooks
  • Technical brochures and websites
  • Technical specifications
  • Technical training manuals
  • Patents, covering many technologies
  • Training manuals (including e-learning)
  • Software and applications

Regardless of format, whatever your technical translation requirements, allow our ISO9001 quality certified team to take care of your technical translation needs.

Excellence in linguistic quality and customer service

A shoddily-translated technical text can not only be confusing for the end user, but also have safety implications.

Errors in terminology, grammar and spelling — or misinterpretation of industry regulation in a target market — can expose your international brand to reputational damage or even legal action. Accuracy, conciseness and unambiguity of meaning are essential. 

As such, technical translation presents a specialised challenge. It demands not only the linguistic proficiency and professional skill to translate between languages, but also a deep understanding of the subject matter being worked with.

At Alexika, we guarantee a world-class standard of technical translation:

  • Mother tongue translation: A translator working into their native tongue produces the most authentic result possible. This is our golden rule for all translations — technical translation specialists working into their own language.
  • Subject matter mastery: The Alexika translator assigned to your project will have an unrivalled grasp of the terminology, phraseology and industry regulation relating to the field in your target market, guaranteeing a flawless technical translation.
  • Professional, qualified and experienced delivery team: We have a talented project management team consisting of graduate linguists, with technical translators handpicked for their professional skill and experience.
  • Sensible use of software: Where appropriate, our team makes use of the latest translation software. This allows us to offer our clients a service of the highest quality, consistency and cost-efficiency. For certain translation projects where time, budget and word volume are of particular consideration, our post-editing machine translation service may be appropriate.

We understand the importance of discretion in technical translations. As an ISO9001 quality certified technical translation agency, trust us to provide a consistent and confidential service of the highest linguistic quality.

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