Technical Translations

Technical translations

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We appreciate how costly terminology, grammatical or spelling errors can be. This is especially so in the various technical industries. Alongside safety issues, complex technical terminology is a potential minefield for a business wishing to develop a strong, coherent international strategy and brand. Whether a tender, instruction manual or a patent, regardless of the format, allow Alexika’s expertise to take care of your technical translation needs.

Our expert, qualified translators have a mastery of terminology to provide you with excellent, affordable and high-quality technical translations. Our proficiency with relevant technical terms means you can rest assured your project is delivered swiftly and accurately to its intended audience.

Tried, tested and trusted, we insist that our translators translate into their native language. All specialists in their fields, they draw upon a wealth of experience with a variety of clients when rendering your technical translations. Let our work speak for itself. Our expertise in this sector includes:

  • Engineering and maintenance manuals
  • Licensing agreements
  • Material safety data sheets (MSDSs)
  • Product safety data
  • Owner manuals
  • Quality assurance documents
  • Technical Instruction manuals
  • Scientific articles and papers
  • Tenders
  • Technical brochures & websites
  • Technical specifications
  • Technical training manuals
  • Patents covering many technologies
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