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World-class translation services for the pharmaceutical industry, performed by native, expert linguists.

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We provide pharmaceutical translation services of the highest quality, between all of the world’s business languages.

Since 1998, we have worked with clients in all areas of the pharmaceutical industry, meeting their needs and requirements with concise, authentic, world-class translations.

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Pharmaceutical translation — expertise is indispensable

We have over two decades’ experience working with all manner of medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical documentation. This includes various areas of medicine, from anaesthesiology and pathology through to genetics and immunology.

With native, expert linguists and powered by state-of-the-art translation management technology, we help pharmaceutical clients to communicate overseas seamlessly and authentically.

  • Supply of overseas licensed pharmaceuticals
  • Named patient medicines
  • Unlicensed medicines
  • Clinical trial support
  • Regulatory services

We’ve worked on a wide range of pharmaceutical documents, including:

  • Pharmaceutical patient information leaflets (PIL)
  • Pharmaceutical summary of product characteristics (SPC)
  • Pharmaceutical and medical patents
  • Pharmaceutical research documents
  • Pre-clinical reports
  • Clinical trial agreements & support services
  • Study protocols
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Marketing authorisation applications
  • Marketing materials

In industries such as this — where patient well-being can depend on the detail — it is vital your translators are qualified, highly experienced and completely understand their subject.

Most stages and areas of the pharmaceutical industry are characterised by highly-specialised terminology, vocabulary and jargon. When translating such documentation, cultural nuances and legal variations can add to the complexity of the job.

As market leaders in high-quality pharmaceutical translations, we’re trained and equipped to deliver your translations to deadline, with pinpoint accuracy.

How we ensure pharmaceutical translations of the highest quality

Choosing a pharmaceutical translation company can be challenging.

Here’s why you can trust Alexika to deliver an incredible standard of pharmaceutical translation, on time and on budget.

  • Native pharmaceutical translators: The Alexika translator assigned to your project will be a native speaker of the tongue being translated into. Mother tongue translation is our ‘golden rule’; it’s how we guarantee absolute authenticity, precision and accuracy for all translated material.
  • Pharmaceutical expertise: Your translator will have in-depth, first-hand experience of the area that concerns your area of medicine, healthcare or pharmaceutical. It’s only by being on top of all phraseology and terminology that you can achieve a world-class end result.
  • Qualified, trained & skilled: To translate effectively, it’s not enough to be a native industry expert — you also need to be a talented, qualified and trained professional linguist.
  • Translation management software: We invest in the most leading-edge translation technology, helping us to provide consistency and cost and time efficiencies to clients, adding value at every turn.

Confidentiality is absolutely paramount when it comes to pharmaceuticals and the many areas of medicine. We’re tried, tested and trusted by a range of clients in the industry.

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