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World-class professional translation of patent documentation, performed by qualified, expert linguists.

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At Alexika, we’re proud to offer patent translation services of the highest quality, between all of the world’s major languages.

For over 20 years, we’ve worked with clients large and small to fulfil their varied patent translation needs, on time and on budget. Get in touch for a quick quote for your project.

Translation of patent documentation — we’ve got an expert translator for your project

What sort of patent translations do you require? We work with law firms, patent attorneys and in-house patent translation teams on a wide variety of documentation for filing in many countries around the globe — your needs might include… 

  • Existing patent specifications (whether you need the full specification or just the claims)
  • Application texts for new patents
  • Patent briefs
  • Judgments
  • Prior art documents
  • Examination reports
  • Opposition briefs

As you may appreciate, considering the complexity and technicalities of patent documentation, its translation requires nothing short of mastery of terminology. 

As well as being a native linguist, the translator we assign to your project will have direct experience of the particular subject area of the patent itself. They will be well-versed in all of the relevant processes, phraseology and detail, with impeccable legal, linguistic and technical expertise.

We’re well acquainted with the processes and demands of many legal systems, delivering first-class service across a wide range of specialisms and technologies.

As an accredited language service provider, we fully appreciate the incredible importance of filing deadlines, security and confidentiality.

Choose Alexika for world-class patent translations

To guarantee you a world-leading standard of translation for patent documentation, we work to the following ‘golden rules’:

  • Mother tongue translators: Whichever languages you’re translating between, the translator assigned to your project will be a native speaker of the tongue being translated into — ensuring complete authenticity.
  • Patent experts: Our team comprises linguists with in-depth, highly-specialised knowledge of the patent industry and all its processes. This assures pinpoint accuracy with the use of legal, technical and scientific terminology, jargon and phrasing.
  • Qualified, trained & skilled: The expert translator working on your documentation will be a highly-talented and qualified linguist. Translation is their professional livelihood.
  • The latest tech: To offer the most efficient, effective and consistent standard of patent translation, we invest in market-leading software to assist our team in their work. For urgent, large projects, post-editing machine translation may also suit your needs.

From beginning through to end, we insist on meticulous and robust quality control. Within our network of highly-skilled translators, there is a native patent expert ready to get to work on your project.

Get started on your patent document translations

For patent translations delivered to deadline with watertight accuracy, enlist Alexika as your patent translation company.

We’re looking forward to hearing about your needs and requirements — contact our team to get started, or phone 0800 917 9589 (+44 1943 839 227 outside of the UK).