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Intellectual Property Translations

Patent Translation

Translated by experienced & qualified translators to deliver 100% accuracy for all patent translations

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With over 20 years of experience in translating patent documents to and from all major business languages, our team is trained, equipped and qualified to deliver your patent translation project to deadline, with watertight accuracy.

Translating patent specifications

Our team fully understands the importance of a no-fuss, on-time patent documentation translation. This includes patent specifications (whether you need the full specification or just the claims), patent briefs and judgments, prior art documents as well as examination reports.

Translating patent terminology

Considering the complexity of patent translation, it is vital that your translators are masters of terminology and detail. In addition to being exactly this, Alexika’s team is well acquainted with the processes and demands of many legal systems, delivering first-class service across a wide range of specialisms and technologies.

Mother tongue translation

It is our firm policy that Alexika’s expert translators work only into their mother tongue. This means our team can guarantee the highest level of authenticity for your patent translation, with all legal, technical and scientific terminology completely accurate and unambiguous.

Our team’s wealth of experience guarantees a professional, prompt turnaround for any patent translation project – we would be delighted to hear about your needs today.