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World-class professional translation of marketing and advertising materials, performed by qualified, expert linguists.

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To sell products and services overseas, businesses need to communicate in the language of their target audience.

Our team of qualified, native translators are experts at localising your marketing material for those who need to read it, wherever in the globe your new customers are.

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Industry-leading marketing translation services

Whether you’re a marketing or advertising agency looking to translate your client’s content or you’re part of an in-house team, we have experience fulfilling the needs of brands large and small, spanning many sectors.

With many businesses now reaching new overseas customers online, marketing translation increasingly means the localisation of digital content. We translate all types of material for overseas online marketing campaigns:

  • Social media content
  • Paid advertising and PPC copy (such as Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads)
  • Websites and landing pages
  • Press releases
  • Email and newsletter content
  • Blog posts
  • Video scripts and voice-over

We also have vast experience translating a range of traditional marketing materials:

  • Posters
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Proposals
  • Offline written advertising
  • Packaging
  • Slogans
  • Customer and market research
  • Product information
  • Training materials
  • Marketing and business plans
  • Tenders.

Whichever of the world’s languages you need to speak, our team of native marketing translation specialists have the expertise and talent to ensure your brand or business is represented professionally, effectively and authentically.

How we guarantee world-class marketing translations

Whilst not usually seen as a technical area of professional translation, the localisation of marketing materials requires pinpoint precision and sensitivity.

There are many pitfalls; we’ve all witnessed the hilarity of poorly-translated marketing content. At best it’s clunky, at worst it’s offensive — and it can be a disaster for your brand perception.

The technicality of marketing texts is often underestimated. Communicating effectively with an overseas audience requires the correct use of tone and terminology, as well as a deep understanding of nuance and culture relating to the market in question. To avoid costly mistakes and ensure your message is on-brand and authentic, proofreading and text layout also need consideration.

So, how do we guarantee this world-class standard in all marketing localisation performed? The answer — with the following:

  • Native translators: Your marketing material should read as if originally created in the target language. This is why we ensure that all translators work into their mother tongue.
  • Subject matter experts: We’ll ensure that the person working on your project has a strong understanding and grasp of your particular industry, ensuring mastery of terminology.
  • Qualified and experienced linguists: The translator assigned to your project will also be a fully-trained, experienced professional linguist. Translation is their profession.
  • Sensible use of software: To enable us to provide a cost-effective, efficient, consistent and market-leading translation service, we make appropriate use of the latest technology.

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Whether it’s a digital product launch in multiple territories, the translation of internal and external comms or the localisation of website content, we’ve handled marketing translation projects of all shapes and sizes.

Whatever the scope or scale of your marketing project — whether online, traditional or both — we’ve got the experience and specialist knowledge to take your marketing material to new overseas audiences.

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