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Intellectual Property Translations

Intellectual Property & Trademark Translation

Translated by experienced & qualified translators to deliver 100% accuracy

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Allow the experienced specialists at Alexika to take care of your intellectual property and trademark translation. There is no doubting the importance of accurate, unambiguous and literal translation, especially when dealing with documents within this field. We are committed to ensuring your work is given the protection it needs internationally, eliminating any possibility of misinterpretation.

Our qualified, expert translators have well over a decade of experience translating intellectual property and trademark documentation, and are well acquainted with the processes involved under many legal systems. We refuse to compromise on 100% clarity, consistency and discretion, and fully understand the importance of filing, strict deadlines and subject matter mastery.

This is why we are insistent that our translators only work into their mother tongue. This ensures they appreciate the intricacies and subtleties of technical and legal terminology in the target language. By this, we can guarantee that any documentation we translate reads as authentically as it did in the source language.

As a translation company, we are tried, tested and trusted with almost 20 years of experience in translating intellectual property and trademark documentation. We’re flexible and would be delighted to hear about your translation needs today.