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Intellectual Property & Trade Marks Translation

Professional, world-class language translations for intellectual property documentation by experienced, qualified linguists.

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Since 1998, we’ve been providing our clients with translations of the highest quality, ensuring their intellectual property is protected around the world.

Whether for the translation of a trade mark or another type of IP documentation, whichever languages you require, we’re your people — get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Intellectual property translation — accuracy and confidentiality are key

In a field where misinterpretation or ambiguity can be so costly, there’s no doubting the importance of accurate, concise and literal translation. We have a track record in providing flawless translations of wide-ranging IP documentation.

Our experienced linguists are specialists in intellectual property, well-versed in the phrases, terminology, jargon and processes inherent to filing in jurisdictions around the world. They have the legal and linguistic knowledge to give your translated IP documentation the protection it needs internationally.

Needless to say, clarity, consistency and discretion are absolutely critical to success of your translated material in this area. We fully understand the importance of confidentiality, filing, strict deadlines and subject matter expertise.

How we guarantee exceptional IP and Trade Mark translation

Translation for intellectual property has many complexities and intricacies that require a combination of linguistic and technical mastery — an expert’s touch. By following our ‘golden rules’, we’ve established an efficient, effective method to ensure all translated material is watertight.

  • Native linguists — We cover all the major languages of the world. To ensure that your translation reads completely authentically, your translator will be a native speaker of the language they’re translating into. 
  • IP experts — Not only this, but the translator assigned to your project will have first-hand, in-depth experience of the intellectual property area concerning your project. They’ll be completely clued up on all terminology, phrasing and legal processes.
  • Fully qualified — As well as knowing their stuff, all of the IP translators in our team are proven, skilled and highly-trained linguists. It’s their profession.
  • Sensible use of software: We invest in the latest translation technology to assist our translators and project management team in their work. This allows us to provide consistency and accuracy, as well as make time and cost efficiencies. For larger, time-sensitive IP translation projects, a post-editing machine translation may be appropriate.

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At Alexika, your IP translations are in safe hands.

Fully accredited and with over 20 years’ experience translating all manner of documentation between the major languages of the world, we know what it takes to achieve a perfect result, every time.

We’re very flexible and would be delighted to hear about your needs and requirements. Contact us for a speedy quote, or reach us over the phone on 0800 917 9589 (+44 1943 839 227 outside of the UK).