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Alexika’s professional native translators help you to do business globally.

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Since 1997, we have been providing world-class professional translations for businesses of all sizes and industries.

However large or small your translation requirements — whether an ongoing need or a one-off project — entrust us with your professional commercial translations.

Irrespective of market, sector or need, whichever of the world’s languages you’re looking to translate into, we can help. Enquire today for a quick quote.

Expert, qualified business language translators

In a globalised world, the translation requirements of today’s businesses are all-encompassing and ever-increasing. As such, the breadth of document types for business is almost endless.

You might require the translation of contracts and in-depth technical information, or perhaps of marketing and communication resources. Aspects of your ecommerce website may need localisation, or you may have an annual report that needs to be accessible in a different language.

Whichever industry you operate in and whoever the target audience for your translations is, our professional linguists have vast experience in providing authentic, world-class translations.

Your business and commercial translation needs might encompass… 

  • Marketing and advertising collateral, whether traditional or online
  • Websites, including ecommerce sites
  • Contracts
  • Reports
  • Product information
  • Sales documentation
  • Market research
  • Manuals
  • Health and safety documentation
  • Internal comms
  • Training documentation
  • Insurance documentation
  • Business cards
  • Invoices
  • HR documentation
  • Technical documentation and manuals

Considering the variety of business documentation, this is not, of course, an exhaustive list. Whatever your needs, whichever languages you’re targeting, we can help.

How we guarantee a world-class business translation

Poorly-translated content can reflect badly on your business’ brand and reputation, jeopardising trust amongst your overseas target consumers.

To compete and succeed internationally, complete authenticity is key. To achieve this gold standard in all translations, you require the expertise and specialist touch of a professional native linguist. 

As a business translation agency with over 20 years’ experience and as an ISO9001 quality accredited firm, entrust Alexika for all your business translation requirements.

  • Mother tongue translators: For absolute excellence in linguistic quality and cultural authenticity, our team of highly-qualified, skilled translators only work into their mother tongue.
  • Subject matter understanding: The translator assigned to your project will have genuine expertise and industry knowledge relevant to your business domain. This guarantees a full understanding of your exact requirements and the subject matter being translated.
  • Trained, qualified and certified: The translator working on your project will have all the relevant certifications, training and experience as a professional linguist. You’ll also be assigned a qualified, dedicated Alexika project manager to coordinate your translations.
  • Translation technology: Where appropriate, our team makes use of software to assist them in handling your project as consistently, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Depending on the project, our post-editing machine translation service may be a cost and time-efficient solution to your needs.

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We have been helping businesses to succeed internationally for over two decades with translations of the very highest quality.

Ensure appropriate, authentic and effective representation for your business on the global stage. Get in touch today for a quick quote and to discuss your translation requirements.