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At Alexika, we’ve been providing business translations of the highest quality since 1998. Irrespective of need, industry or market, we can assist you with making your business truly international. 

The breadth and depth of document types for business is ever-increasing. No matter what you need or what market you are seeking to operate in, we can assist you with making your business truly international with high-quality translations.

We have vast experience in handling an extensive range of business documents and literature, from contracts and in-depth technical information, to marketing and communication tools.

Why choose Alexika for your business translations?

We settle for nothing less than unambiguous, concise translations. Our team of highly-qualified, skilled translators only work into their mother tongue, guaranteeing an end product of the highest quality and authenticity.

Depending on the project, our post-editing machine translation service may be a cost and time-efficient solution to your needs.

Our translators have genuine business expertise and industry knowledge, allowing you to rest assured that your assigned translator fully understands your exact requirements and the subject matter they’re translating; handling your project both effectively and professionally.

Fully-authentic, high-quality, seamless translations for all your business requirements — drop our team a note to get your project started.