Sectors Served

Industry knowledge is critical for the translation process.

The technical and linguistic knowledge required to perform a fully-authentic translation for a specialist field of industry is incredible.

This is why all of our translators fully understand the subject matter that they deal with. Alexika’s experienced translators are fully up to date with the current terminology in their chosen field.

For example, we have a dedicated team that handles legal translations from German to English, and a completely different team for mechanical engineering.

Our translators will also be mother tongue speakers of the target language — Alexika’s golden rule. After all, a good translation must read as if it was created in the target language. Working into your native language is the best way to achieve this.

We only settle for world-class industry translations. With over 20 years’ experience working across many fields, trust our industry experts to handle your project. Over the decades, our team has iterated to the perfect translation processes and procedures.

Browse below to discover some of the fields we’ve worked on, as well as case studies for each industry. This isn’t an exhaustive list; we’re able to cover other fields, so drop us a message if yours isn’t there.