About us

Lancaster Chamber of Commerce

Our local Chamber of Commerce. Alexika Ltd has been a member of our local Chamber for many years.

Member of ATC & Network member of EUATC

The Association of Translation Companies is the UK professional body for translation companies. The web site includes the professional code of conduct and membership criteria. Alexika Ltd has been a full member since 2002. Our Managing Director, Mark Robinson, has served on Council and as Honorary Treasurer of the Association.

Institute of Translation and Interpreting

Institution of Translation and Interpeting

The Institute serves the interests of professional translators and interpreters in the UK. Many of our translators are members of the Institute, and our Translations Manager, Liam, is a Language Services members of the Institute.

Chartered Institute of Linguists

Chartered Institute of Linguists

The Institute serves the interests of professional linguists throughout the world and acts as a respected language assessment and accredited awarding body. Many of our translators – and our Managing Director Mark Robinson – belong to this organisation. Mark is also a Chartered Linguist.


Alexika has been certified to the international quality management standard ISO9001 since 2007. We are subject to regular assessments by ISOQAR, who are themselves accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS.)