Free Ebook: Business Passport to Europe for Exporters

Download our free ebook to discover the six European languages your business needs to speak.

Thinking of targeting European audiences with your business’ products and services?

It may be tempting to assume that ‘they all speak English anyway’.

Surely an English language option will suffice for my business’ website?

This ebook invites you to think again. We illustrate the incredible benefits and opportunities of translating into European languages — they have incredible value even beyond the borders of continental Europe.

English may be a very widely-spoken second language, but potential consumers are more receptive to your brand if you are able to localise your marketing, website or technical content. Customers trust those companies that speak their language.

Download our free ebook and explore the most important business markets in Europe, and discover why you may want to consider translating your business’ material into a foreign language.