Specialist Translation Spotlight: Translating for the Digital Manufacturing Industry

Is your company involved with digital manufacturing, and looking to export to the global marketplace?

Translating your digital manufacturing documentation opens up your innovative industrial products and services to huge, new audiences. It sounds simple, but the more languages you speak, the more business you can do.

This month, our Specialist Translation Spotlight turns to the digital manufacturing industry.


Digital manufacturing translation: your project brief

Digital manufacturing is the application of computer technologies to manufacturing. Enormously complex and broad, it allows manufacturers to work more efficiently and gain a competitive edge.

Digital manufacturing can encompass many types of technology. This may mean integrated automation, or any technology that produces a streamlined production process. Digital manufacturing can help organisations to manage demand volatility, as well as eliminate risk in the manufacturing process. It allows manufacturers to reduce time and labour expenditure when iterating designs or changing tooling in the production and prototyping processes, for example.

We’ve worked with businesses who supply a range of digital manufacturing products and services to their own clients. At Alexika, we’ve translated technical documentation for companies who offer injection moulding, 3D printing and CNC machining solutions to an overseas customer base.

As you might imagine, translating material that pertains to digital manufacturing requires impeccable linguistic and technical knowledge. You need industry experts who fully understand the terminology involved.


Digital manufacturing translation: Getting the right result

Yes, we might know someone in-house who reckons they’ve got a decent grasp of a foreign language. However, when translating technical guides, manuals or interfaces, the margin for error is vanishingly small. Watertight accuracy is essential; this demands a strong grasp of all technical terms relating to digital manufacturing tools, technology, components and systems. Enlist the experts.


At Alexika, our translators are specialists in digital manufacturing, with an industry-leading command of all the terminology used. The translator assigned to your project will be a native speaker of the language that the material is being converted into, providing a translation of the highest quality which reads as if it had been created in the target language.

As well as our many industry accreditations, we follow a tried-and-tested project management process that has produced results for many companies like yours. We adhere to the strict client confidentiality terms set out by the Association of Translation Companies, so rest assured, with Alexika, your translation is in the best of hands.

Ready to translate?

Don’t restrict the potential of your digital manufacturing products by speaking only one language. If you want to break into new markets with your services, get in touch with Alexika’s friendly team for a quote.

Thanks to our expertise and decades of experience, digital manufacturing suppliers have trusted us time and again with their translations.