Alexika Featured in Manufacturing Europe Today

Alexika has been featured in the September edition of Manufacturing Europe Today magazine to illustrate the importance of language skills for maximising international trade opportunities.

The article, written by Geoffrey Bowden of the Association of Translation Companies, explains that in a post-Brexit world, language is vital for effective communication with international trading partners and can positively influence export performance. Organisations that have made the conscious effort to invest in language services achieve a far higher level of export to turnover ratio.

Accurate translations, in which all colloquialisms and cultural references are correct, can add great value to exporters – helping them to communicate effectively in diverse markets and therefore expand their opportunities for international trade.

Alexika is featured alongside client Proto Labs as an example of a partnership between a manufacturer and a language service provider. Proto Labs has grown into a global manufacturer with production facilities around the world, providing unprecedented speed-to-market 3D printing, CNC machining and injection moulding services. Over the past decade, they have worked with Alexika to communicate with key trading markets including Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Ashlea Babb, Marketing Project Co-ordinator Europe at Proto Labs said: “Our key objective was to find a company willing to become a long term partner, committed to learning our business and evolving to meet our needs. To date, Alexika has delivered on all these objectives, continuing to offer excellent service levels and we value the support which they provide.”

The article in full is available here.

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