Our adopted charity - Translators Without Borders

Originally founded in 1993 in France as Traducteurs sans Frontières to link the world’s translators to vetted NGOs that focus on health, nutrition and education, Translators without Borders (TWB) is now a U. S. based non-profit organisation that aims to close the language gaps that hinder critical humanitarian efforts worldwide. The effectiveness of any aid program depends on delivering information in the language of the affected population. By maintaining a global network of professional translators, they help non-profit organisations overcome communication barriers, increasing access to critical information and services while fostering a climate of understanding, respect and dignity in times of great need. Translators without Borders is supported entirely through volunteers, grant funders and generous donors and sponsors.

Since 2011, TWB has increased its translation capabilities from just a few languages to more than 180 language pairs. They have also provided basic translator training to over 250 trainees in a translator training centre. Alexika’s small contribution has been to translate so far 9000 words from French to English (well done Becky!!) and a small annual donation instead of sending Christmas cards.

Donations to TWB can be made by clicking here.