Translating the Untranslatable

If the inexperienced and unqualified try to translate complicated, technical or specialist documents, the results can range from hilarious to down-right damaging.

There are a wealth of (free) online resources available. These merely support low-value, informal translations which are likely to fall short of the quality and accuracy you need as a professional and will more than often irrevocably damage your credibility among your target audiences. What about if your content seems pretty much untranslatable or requires a high level of accuracy? Then you need professional translation services.

Consider Overseas Markets

There is a good reason why people pay highly qualified, expert translators to help with their projects; this is how you engage, and most importantly, retain your customers and clients. If an international customer visits your site and you have zero foreign language translation, or you have a poor version, which has the potential to insult, confuse or frustrate them, they are very likely to invest their time and business in a competitor that has bothered to cater to their needs. It speaks volumes about your feelings on customer care, if you are not suitably equipped for the markets in which you are seeking to trade.

As you would expect, there are certain clients for whom quality translation is even more crucial. If you’re working in the medical or legal sectors for example, accuracy is a necessity, not a luxury. Your customers and clients need information that is reliable and free from error, failure to provide this could have serious ramifications.

You may also find that issue in the translation of localised slang or ‘conversational’ content is harder and more problematic without the experience and tools required to translate to the highest level of accuracy.

Conquering the ‘Untranslatable’

There is no such thing as ‘untranslatable’ when you work with the right people. The Alexika team are qualified linguists, working in a huge array of languages and have specialist expertise in a wide variety of sectors. On top of this, we invest in market-leading software, which supports our knowledge and ensures we complete your project on time and to a superior level. Don’t worry though, our work is always led by qualified, human translators, the software is just a handy and valuable tool!

If you have had a bad experience, feel your translations need some attention, or are about to embark on a project for which you know accuracy is key, call us today, we can help.