The Business Case for Staying in the EU

The UK is in a much stronger position economically as part of the world’s largest trading block that is the EU, a market of 500 million consumers. The 200,000 UK businesses that trade with the EU are more likely to face a stable European trading environment when the UK government is part of the EU and directly influencing trading relationships – as opposed to being outside, still having to follow EU guidelines but without being able to influence them.

EU membership also provides access to global markets via free trade agreements with more than 50 countries around the world – and the UK is a key player in the EU’s partnerships with emerging markets of Latin America and Asia, as well as strengthening trading relationships with the USA and Canada.

In addition to clear economic and trading benefits, UK businesses also benefit from better security and freedom of movement – whilst retaining the right to our own currency. For these reasons, together with wider issues such as our close cultural and historical links with our neighbours, I hope that UK businesses will campaign to stay in the EU.

For a much more thorough analysis of the arguments in favour of the UK remaining in the EU, please see an article from economist Nicholas Barr of the London School of Economics.

Mark Robinson, Managing Director

Alexika Ltd