The Freelance Selection Process; How Does It Work?

We are delighted to be offering a webinar with our translation technology partner SDL on the 27th January.

In this session, we will be examining what determines the freelance translator selection process. Why do we work with certain people? We will looking at the qualities we look for in our translation associates.

It is widely recognised and understood that our business lives or dies by the skills and knowledge of our people. This webinar will help prospective freelancers get to grips with what is required to work alongside us. We will consider the basic foundations for working together, such as a professional approach and academic background, before moving onto specific language skills. Finally, we’ll talk about some of the thornier issues, such as experience, technology, rates and sample translations.

This is very much a two-way process and we have views too on what professional behaviour is expected of a translation company, so there’s a lot to talk to about and your questions will be very welcome!

Sign up to the SDL Alexika webinar to get involved.